Our Accommodations

Our Accommodations- A Kumaoni Resort

For anything that brings people together to celebrate an occasion, we create truly memorable experiences that you will cherish forever

Kafal Deluxe Rooms

The Deluxe rooms in Baakhli are best room of Corbett for a single family or group of friends. This double-bedded or twin bed room..
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Monal Duplex Rooms

The best room of Corbett is in Baakhli where each duplex suite has two floors from where you can enjoy pool view, garden view..
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Brahmakamal Suite with Bathtub

We continuously strive to enhance our living and working environments. The environments we live in today are almost unrecognisable.
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Brahmakamal Suite With jacuzzi

A true elegant Royal Suite with Jacuzzi is a master piece best room in Corbett with superb shining mountain and a river view.
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